New Lands Art Studio

A collection of work by Natalie Newlands.

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A story in colours

Painted one way, experienced in another. The wonder of abstract compositions
is that every person sees something different.
Each painting tells a thousand stories.

Faces Series

We are weird and wonderful

A few years ago, my Mum found an old sketchbook of mine from when I lived in France.
In my early twenties I had taken to drawing faces of Parisians in the streets – their moods
and expressions were a constant source of intrigue. When Mum discovered my sketches,
I was reminded how much I delight in the nuances of the human face.

My interperation of everyday characters. This series is the story of you, me, us.


New Work

A collection of Lino cut work layered work, representing the graceful dance between the masculine + feminine, the ying and yang. Layered and intertwined we all move between both spaces at various times.

Each piece similar within us all, yet each unique in our own dance.


Commission Wall Art

Drawing on the walls.

Telling stories all unique and personalised to each space, family and environment.

Get in touch to discuss your own private wall art.