Creativity is inherently playful. It’s discovery, it’s experimentation, it’s colouring outside the lines.

Initially a play on founder Natalie’s surname, choosing the name New Lands Studio has been serendipitous – a name encompassing the joy and possibility of discovery.


From a young age Natalie loved to create. The irony is not lost on her that she spent her childhood playing dress up and getting into trouble for drawing on the walls, and now she’s made her career designing clothes and literally drawing on people’s walls.
That’s why being playful is at the heart of New Lands Studio.
Starting as an offshoot of Angel Divine (a boutique fashion store in Queenstown that Natalie owned for 9 years), New Lands Studio found its footing creating timeless pieces with a reputation for lively colour, detailing and comfort. Every collection is crafted with well-considered yarn compositions of superior quality. Not only do these yarns feel lovely, hang well, and have longevity, but they are also traceable to their origins. This commitment to transparency and beautiful quality are the unmoving values that set New Lands Studio apart.
Knitwear is the core of each collection, whilst is not the only creation New Lands Studio is known for. Through use of sophisticated colour and masterful line work, Natalie’s artworks light up any space. Each piece is full of energy and vibrancy.
With a lifelong dedication to fashion, complemented with an affection for art, New Lands Studio delivers a multidisciplinary approach to the pursuit of creativity under the playful eye of Natalie.