At New Lands we create with joy, courage and expressing our authentic selves with ease and playfulness - we create garments with a signature feel of lasting joy and timelessness, removed from fast fashion cycles - By embracing and valuing all our imperfections and differences, we feel stronger and more dynamic because of them. Wear our thoughtful pieces your way, we encourage you to create your own wardrobe story.


The power of being yourself, we believe in diversity, inclusivity, honesty, accessibility, listening and collaboration. These values impact all our creative decisions and are embedded into ourculture here at New Lands.

Our suppliers comply with amfori BSCI standards (business social compliance initiative) this is an essential requirement for any of our suppliers and manufactures. BSCI has a strong code of conduct to support, empower and guide their members.

We are members of MFNZ an New Zealand industry collective that aims to strengthen our local industry by sharing and supporting each other, so we can all learn and strive for what is best practice across all facets of our businesses.



Our pieces are lasting, effortless and joyful to wear, they bring an ease and playfulness to your wardrobe.

As pieces become well loved with wear points, or the odd hole may appear, we want to extend the life of your New Lands knitwear and are offering a free repair programme for any of our New Lands knitwear pieces, we will repair with unique flair and old school care, so the repair becomes a feature, embracing the imperfection with coloured stitching or a patch of our choice.

With all future collections are looking to eliminate virgin polyester from our supply chains and where polyester or nylon is part of a fabrication it will be a small recycled content, we are on track with our guidelines to use natural biodegradable fabrications through 90% of our collections.

We are excited to launch New Lands Core Range as part of the New Lands family, it will be a constant dynamic thread throughout our collections giving all of our wardrobe stories a balanced point to play from, we are excited!


There is an acute need to work on positive solutions for our planet, as the environment is a source of deep inspiration for Natalie and the team, we are compelled to make positive changes in our business practices and be part of the change for good.

We are currently embarking on a company audit to comprehensively measure all aspects of our business and are following the United Nations SDG’s to guide our thinking and decisions on our actions around this.

As well as measuring our impact we believe in solutions for the industry, we are researching, funding and keeping up to date with new emerging bio technologies, which will bring about the greatest and exciting change for the fashion and textile industries.


We have a special place in your wardrobe, our pieces will make you feel good and bring a joyful ease to daily dressing.

Our place in the local industry is valued by the team at New Lands, we feel privileged to be able to deliver collections that have a sense of curiosity, fun and joy along with our promise of continuous improvement in our processes and systems to improve outcomes for everyone. As well as taking a moment to appreciate where we are in the industry, we also believe carving out time in the seasonal calendar to guide and mentor other creatives is important, as sharing learning and giving back is part of our culture and ethos at New Lands.


Our Vision and plan for New Lands is to strive for meaningful change in all aspects of our business.

Our longer term goal is to become B-Corp certified by 2027, meanwhile our current initiatives we are undertaking;

  1. Implement ideas around reusing archived samples, with the goal to move to digital sampling.
  2. Implement the local repair program for our knitwear.
  3. Use certified organic natural fibre textiles throughout 90% of our ranges.
  4. Represent more diversity through our imagery.
  5. All our packaging to be fully recallable and biodegradable.
  6. Remove all virgin petrol chemicals from our fabrications.