Crafting Exceptional Uniforms for Iconic Brands

New Lands Bespoke Uniform Service

New Lands weaves together creative flair with a commitment to functionality, creating bespoke uniforms that capture the essence of each collaboration. Our design philosophy centres on attire that is both a testament to style and an emblem of practicality, tailored to empower and install confidence in every wearer. We delve into the story and spirit of your brand, ensuring the uniforms we craft are as unique and prestigious as the partners we serve. Transform your brand's narrative into a wearable art form, where every garment resonates with the distinctive character and quality of your legacy.


Cloudy Bay X New Lands

A harmonious collaboration with prominent winegrower Cloudy Bay led to the creation of a striking team uniform which reinforces the winery’s outstanding quality and values.

Where possible we used natural and breathable fabrics and carefully considered designs were selected while the distinctive seasons and climates of the Marlborough and Cromwell regions were taken into consideration throughout the design process.

A stunning topographic print was designed using the winery’s new colour palette which beautifully reflects the contours of the land the vineyards are planted on in both Central Otago and Marlborough. The result is a testament to Cloudy Bay’s heritage.


Mountain Club X New Lands

The collaboration between Mountain Club and New Lands is a quintessential example of New Lands' ethos in creating bespoke uniforms, where collaboration is a cornerstone philosophy. This unique partnership began with artist Natalie's wall mural at Mountain Club's Beach Street Cafe. Her paintings of faces, symbolising the unity of diverse communities and the collective brilliance, set the tone for this fruitful collaboration.

Moving from the walls of a café to the realm of fashion, Natalie meticulously designed three distinctive unisex clothing styles for Mountain Club. Each garment features one of six exclusive face prints on the back, a testament to the themes of diversity and communal spirit which the Mountain Club represent. New Lands, renowned for their deep understanding and embodiment of their partners' values, infused each piece with well-crafted attention to detail, making the styles not only fashionable but also rich in storytelling. 

Each induvial item in this collection is numbered, limited edition art pieces, reflecting the exclusivity and care put into their creation. This collaboration showcases the power of art in unifying communities and the role of fashion as a medium for storytelling. It firmly establishes the collaboration as a defining element of New Lands' approach to bespoke uniforms, highlighting their commitment to crafting garments that are not just worn but experienced, embodying unity, diversity, and a shared vision with exquisite craftsmanship and meticulous attention to detail.


Sherwood X New Lands

Sherwood Hotel in Queenstown epitomises a blend of luxury and sustainability, embracing eco-conscious practices while delivering exceptional guest experiences. Their values centre around fostering community, preserving the environment, and providing unparalleled hospitality.

Both Sherwood and New Lands share a commitment to sustainability and quality craftsmanship.

This project has been a harmonious endeavour, where our ethos was seamlessly interwoven to create a functional and stylish uniform, of which we are all extremely proud. The completed looks for the team feel perfectly aligned with Sherwood’s culture.
This collaboration has been an immense honour, as the Sherwood holds a special place in the hearts of many. With its community-centric spirit and status as a hub for both local creatives and visitors to Wakatipu.

It was an absolute pleasure to create these uniforms.

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